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29 10 / 2012

StableHost has been my first web host and I’ve never been even remotely dissatisfied with their service. The experience has been so great that I’ve taken the time to write this review, something I seldom do.

With StableHost, I’ve had questions, some related to me screwing up, and they’ve always been extremely helpful in their responses, not to mention how fast they reply to my support tickets. Also, they’re also keen on keeping their customers informed about what’s happening, e.g., server upgrades, DDOS attacks, etc.

Stablehost Black Friday 2012 Deals, Discount and Coupons

As you may know, last year, Black Friday 2011, Stablehost has offered hosting plan in US only 10$/year. It was great deal, and what about this year? I heard from someone that it will be the same, so check this page frequently to make sure not to miss any discount on this occasion. While waiting for Black Friday, in case you can not be patient anymore, just use this coupon to save up to 50% on any hosting plan:


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28 10 / 2012

Black Friday is the last Friday in November that comes right after US Thanksgiving and is known as the day when people do shopping the most. There are huge discounts on every stores that attract customers on this Friday. Remember the last year how crazy you were to buy 80% off hosting plan from Hostgator? You’ll be happy to know that Black Friday deal is back on Hostgator and this Friday, Hostgator will be running an awesome discount where you can purchase the award winning web hosting for as low as $2.48 per month.


Hostgator Black Friday 2012 Discount

Hostgator is a well-known company that has been providing shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting at affordable price. I’ve been using Hostgator baby plan for more than a year now and believe me, my blog hasn’t faced any kind of downtime since I migrated to Hostgator. The things I like the most about Hostgator is easy-to-use control panel, one-click WordPress installation (only few hosting providers have this feature) and live support.

If you ask top bloggers for the best web hosting provider at this time, I’m sure 90% bloggers will say ‘Hostgator’ without thinking twice. Hostgator is now one of the most preferred hosting companies around the world.


Hostgator Black Friday 2012 Deal

This Black Friday, Hostgator is offering 50% OFF on ALL hosting services. This includes shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers and Windows hosting! This does not include domain names. This promotion will begin just after midnight, Friday, 23rd Nov, 2012 Central Standard Time (-6 GMT). The special offer will run until 11:59PM CST Friday, November 23rh, 2012.

The discount applies to the clients first invoice. Our VPS and dedicated server hosting services are only available on a monthly basis, therefore the promotion will apply to only the first month. This promotion will bring our already competitive hosting packages as low as:

Shared hosting: As low as $4.95 Now only: $2.48/month (pre-paid) - Buy Now

Reseller Hosting: As low as $24.95 Now Only: $12.48/month (pre-paid) - Buy Now

VPS Hosting: As low as $19.95 Now Only: $9.98/month (First Month) - Buy Now

Dedicated Servers: As low as $174 Now Only $87/month (First Month) - Buy Now

This is an incredible deal and it will only run for 1 DAY!

If you miss Black Friday 2012 Deall, then you can still find other discount here:


02 10 / 2012

HostGator is a flexible and feature-rich web hosting service that excels in terms of unlimited services, with unrestricted bandwidth and disk space. The service also provides unlimited domains, so you can host as many websites under your account as you want. Although the service is brimming with features, HostGator lacks some of the intuitiveness and usability found on our higher-ranked web hosting services. But if you are willing to spend the time and effort necessary to learn your way around the service, HostGator delivers robust hosting capabilities at an exceptional value.

Hostgator Black Friday Discount 2012

HostGator offers three different hosting packages. With the exception of the lowest-priced package, each one provides the unlimited features detailed above, and the service supports international domains. With the business plan, you also get your own toll-free number and a dedicated IP address and private SSL.

When it comes to features, HostGator provides all of the general features we were looking for, including a site builder, shopping carts for eCommerce websites and easy one-click installs of popular website apps and platforms. HostGator also includes an impressive amount of email features in each of its plans. In addition to a webmail option, you can create an unlimited amount of POP3 accounts. Additional email features include email aliases, autoresponders, mailing lists, catch-alls and mail forwarding. Finally, you don’t have to worry about spam because HostGator includes Spam Assassin in each of its packages, a powerful spam protection program that effectively keeps unwanted junk emails out of your inbox.

Overall, we are impressed with HostGator’s feature set which includes some advanced features including custom cron jobs and error pages. Cron jobs refer to server tasks you can schedule to occur automatically, such as downloading email. The service, however, lacks a script library. While these features aren’t essential to web hosting, they are convenient and give advanced users more hands-on control of their website.

HostGator is a web hosting service that’s relatively easy to use, though it does require you to spend some time learning your way around the service. Not all of its features are intuitive, and it will likely take you a few minutes to learn how to navigate its interface. It’s a similar story with the service’s support; it’s good but there is definite room for improvement. On the HostGator website, you can read the frequently asked questions, browse through user forums or view video tutorials. You can also contact the company for technical support via email, live chat or toll-free telephone. While we think the company expertly strikes a balance between good help documentation and effective contact methods, we’d like to see better response times; more than once we waited to speak with a rep online and on the telephone for nearly an hour.


HostGator has features that cater to both people who are creating their first website and those who have web hosting experience. The service would benefit from more intuitive usability and quicker response times. And while its entry-level hosting package is rather sparse, HostGator’s other hosting packages deliver unbeatable value with unlimited hosting capabilities.